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Moises AI: Customize songs exactly how you want

Moises AI allows you to play any song in any key, at any speed. Remove vocals or individual instruments from studio quality tracks. You can now customize songs exactly how you want.

Moises utilizes AI to analyze songs and separate out elements like vocals, drums, bass and more with the press of a button. Want the backing track without the singer? Or the vocals alone? Moises AI can do it all privately without affecting the original files.

Tired of being constrained to the confines of the original production? Moises gives you the freedom to experiment like never before. Gone are the days of spending hours trying to manually isolate elements – Moises does the grunt work so you can spend more time being creative.


Pricing: Free (limited features), Plans start from $3.99/month

Who is it for: Musicians, music producers and non-musicians

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, enthusiastic hobbyist, or just starting your musical journey, Moises AI has the features to enhance every aspect of your process. From AI-powered vocal separation and key detection to dynamic pitch-shifting and metronome assistance, MoisesAI simplifies tasks that once required specialized knowledge or expensive equipment.

Best of all, Moises AI understands that creativity has no limits. Its versatile toolkit brings the spirit of collaboration to life, allowing global musicians to remotely jam, workshops ideas, and take their sound design skills to new heights. Now inspiration can strike from anywhere, helping you channel your passion into stunning finished productions.

How does Moises AI work?

Moises AI leverages cutting-edge AI models to power an array of intuitive audio tools. Users simply upload or input their audio, then interact with features like vocal separation, key detection, and pitch-shifting to unlock their full creative potential.

How much does Moises AI cost?

Moises AI offers affordable monthly plans starting from just $3.99 which unlock unlimited access to all professional tools. A limited free version is also available.

3 reasons to choose Moises AI

✓ Remove vocals in an instant with AI audio separation

✓ Discover the key and chords of any song with AI detection

✓ Modify pitch and tempo to suit your needs with real-time controls


Everything you need to know

Key features:

✓Key detector – Identify any song’s key swiftly and precisely with AI, no musical theory required.

✓ Setlist collaborative – Enable remote band rehearsals and seamless creative collaboration between artists, producers and students.

✓ Stems plugin – Separate audio directly in your DAW and save time with this innovative VST plugin.

✓ Voice studio – Access high-quality vocal tracks ensured to pay artists and give you creative freedom.

✓ Song sections – Identify and separate important parts like intro, verse, chorus and bridge to practice perfectly.

✓ Song key finder – Accurately determine a song’s key easily when you’re struggling.

✓ BPM finder – Rely on cutting-edge tech to identify any song’s unique cadence flawlessly.

✓ AI lyrics transcription – Transcribe lyrics in multiple languages accurately and sync them for simple music exploration.

✓ Lyric writer – Keep inspiration flowing with a tireless co-writing partner tailored to your ideas.

✓ Chord finder – Enhance your playing and learning with real-time chord identification.

✓ Pitch changer – Customize audio quickly by transforming a track’s key or vocals.

✓ Metronome Online – Boost practice with a personalized beat for the BPM, time sig and accents.

✓ Vocal remover – Seperate vocals effortlessly and create stunning instrumental tracks instantly.


Major benefits:

✓ Unleash creativity on the go

✓ Simplify workflows

✓ Collaborate remotely

✓ Expand musical knowledge

✓ Royalty-free usage


Good to know:

✓ Generous file storage

✓ Intuitive mobile apps

✓ Community resources

✓ Constant feature updates

✓ 14-day money back guarantee

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