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Audiocipher is an AI-powered MIDI plugin that converts text into melodies & chord progressions. ✔ Escape creative blocks & find inspiration ➡ Try it now!

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Audiocipher: Convert words to melodies & chords

Audiocipher is an innovative MIDI plugin that converts text into musical ideas, helping musicians and producers break through creative blocks.

By simply typing in a word or phrase, Audiocipher generates unique melodies and chord progressions, providing a fresh source of inspiration for your compositions.

Output format: MIDI

Pricing: Plans start from $29.99 USD (one-time payment)

Who is it for: Musicians, music producers, and anyone looking for musical inspiration

The plugin offers a variety of scales, chords, and rhythms to create unlimited variations, ensuring that you never run out of ideas. With its intuitive user interface and drag-to-MIDI feature, Audiocipher seamlessly integrates with your favorite DAW, making it a must-have tool for any music creator looking to unlock their full potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a beginner, Audiocipher’s word-to-MIDI technology will help you explore new musical possibilities and take your productions to the next level.

How does Audiocipher work?

Type in a word or phrase, select your desired scale, chords, and rhythm, and Audiocipher will generate a unique melody and chord progression based on your input. You can then drag the MIDI output directly into your DAW for further editing and manipulation.

How much does Audiocipher cost?

Audiocipher offers a one-time payment at $29.99 USD.

This gives you full access to the plugin and all its features, with no recurring fees or subscriptions.

3 reasons to choose Audiocipher:

✓ Break through creative blocks and find new musical inspiration

✓ Create unique melodies and chord progressions with a simple text input

✓ Seamlessly integrate with your favorite DAW using the drag-to-MIDI feature


Everything you need to know:

Key features:

✓ Word-to-MIDI converter

✓ Melody and chord generator

✓ Customizable scales, chords, and rhythms

✓ Drag-to-MIDI functionality

✓ Intuitive user interface


5 major benefits:

✓ Overcome creative blocks and find new musical ideas quickly

✓ Generate unique melodies and chord progressions with minimal effort

✓ Explore a wide range of musical possibilities with customizable parameters

✓ Save time and streamline your workflow with the drag-to-MIDI feature

✓ Enhance your compositions with fresh and inspiring musical elements

Good to know:

✓ Audiocipher outputs MIDI data, not audio

✓ The plugin is compatible with most major DAWs

✓ The generated melodies and chords are royalty-free and can be used in your productions

✓ The randomize feature can help you discover unexpected musical combinations

✓ Audiocipher is a tool for inspiration and should be used in conjunction with your own musical skills and creativity

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