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Magenta Studio: Generate beats or remix songs

Magenta Studio is a collection of interactive music apps developed by Anthropic to make music creation more fun and intuitive through machine learning. Created for the popular DAW Ableton Live, these unique tools let producers generate new melodies and rhythms automatically or modify existing patterns in creative new ways.

By engaging artificial intelligence trained on vast music datasets, it gives musicians artistic superpowers to experiment and discover fresh sounds with just a few clicks. Whether you want to explore new ideas or breathe new life into old works-in-progress, this cutting-edge plugin suite has you covered.

How does Magenta Studio work?

Magenta Studio integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live to provide users with AI-powered music generation and editing tools. Creators can use features like the Melody and Drum Generator to autonomously produce new musical motifs, or modify specific elements of existing compositions with controls tailored for intuitive music making. Under the hood, generative machine learning models analyze vast libraries of music to power these innovative tools.

How much does it cost?

Magenta Studio is free to download and use in the basic Starter edition. For $9.99/month or $99/year, a Pro subscription unlocks additional advanced features and functionality. Students and educators can also apply for discounted academic licenses.

3 reasons to choose Magenta Studio:

✓ Get new musical ideas fast with AI beat/melody creators that auto-generate patterns tailored to your preferences.

✓ Remix your old tracks or jams instantly by modifying specific parameters of existing compositions with intuitive tools.

✓ Unlock your creativity and push musical boundaries through hands-on experimentation with advanced machine learning techniques.

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