The AI Musicpreneur

Ever built a LEGO tower?

Brick by brick, that’s how music careers are built.  But sometimes, you need a blueprint. My aim? To be that guide.

Hi, my name is Chris.

Once a guitar-strumming wanderer, I’ve felt the highs and lows of the music world: from packed European venues to empty-pocketed U.S. tours, from working for labels (Z Records) and top producers (Benny Di Massa, Matt Hyde) to managing artists (Flight Brigade).

Now, blending my music tales with a decade in digital marketing & product management (hello, L’Oreal, Porsche & co.), I’m here to share, simplify, and connect.

Chris Wieduwilt is the Founder of the "AI Musicpreneur". He helps music artist unlock their music's true potential through tailor made AI strategies.

My mission

Having seen the music world inside out and having dipped my toes in the corporate world, I’ve gathered a toolbox of experiences.

I’m here to help artists understand that it’s not about the short-lived applause, but the legacy you leave behind.

I advocate for a better future in music

Over the past year, I’ve been fortunate to speak about the future of music at premier conferences, delving into the fusion of NFTs, AI and blockchain technologies, alongside many industry leaders such as Spottie WiFi (NFT rapper), Alex Salibian (producer / NVAK Founder), Tommy Danvers (music producer, Founder Tokentraxx), Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), William Entriken, Kerry Murphy (Founder The Fabricant), Ethan Pierse (Founder NFT Factory Paris), and more.

Speaking at NFT Tallinn about the future of music.

3 ways I can help you today:

I’m your bridge between artist creativity and AI strategies. You need a digital game plan. With my years working for big name brands and artists, I’ve got the playbook.


I grow music careers with AI strategies

Strategy Consulting

I'll show you how to use AI tools to accelerate your career. 

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