The AI Musicpreneur

From broke musician to helping 1,000 artists with AI

My life has been filled with self-doubts.

But I never let it get the best of me.


Here's my journey:

At 15: Started playing with my brother.

At 17: Went from garage band to touring.

At 19: Featured In China’s biggest magazine.

At 22: Hit 500K plays on Myspace in 3 months

At 23: Toured the US of A. From coast to coast.

At 24: Moved to London. Worked for EDM label.

At 25: Studio Manager for world-class producers.

At 27: Went broke. Moved home. Felt like a big loser.

At 28: Started from Zero. Pivoted to Product Strategy.

At 29: Scaled a food startup from 0 to 150K/ month.

At 31: Helped built a B2B platform for Lufthansa.

At 33: Trained 100+ Product Owners at Porsche.

At 35: Helped my Mom sell 100,000 books.

At 36: Spoke about Music NFTs worldwide.

At 37: Founded the AI Musicpreneur.

Ever built a LEGO tower?

Brick by brick, that’s how music careers are built.  But sometimes, you need a blueprint. My aim? To be that guide.

The AI Musicpreneur

My mission

Having seen the music world inside out and having dipped my toes in the corporate world, I’ve gathered a toolbox of experiences.

I’m here to help artists understand that it’s not about the short-lived applause, but the legacy you leave behind.

3 ways I can help you today:

I’m your bridge between artist creativity and AI strategies. You need a digital game plan. With my years working for big name brands and artists, I’ve got the playbook.


Find the best AI tools to get ahead.


Win 1,000 true music fans with AI

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