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Musicfy leverages AI to automatically turn lyrics and vocals into fully produced songs. Empower your creativity with this intuitive online music studio.

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Musicfy: Turn words & vocals into full songs

Musicfy is a revolutionary online tool that uses artificial intelligence to allow anyone to create original songs easily. Through intuitive features like Text-to-Music and Voice-to-Instrument, it simplifies the music making process. By just writing lyrics or singing into a mic, it turns words and vocals into full compositions automatically.

How does Musicfy work?

Musicfy utilizes cutting-edge AI to analyze lyrical text or recorded vocals and generate accompanying musical arrangements on the fly. Users can customize song parameters and preview auto-generated music before sharing finalized tracks.

How much does it cost?

Musicfy offers affordable monthly and yearly pricing plans starting at just $10 per month. Plans provide varying levels of generation credits and customization options to suit all budget levels and creative needs.

3 reasons to use Musicfy:

✓ It makes music creation accessible to anyone regardless of ability

✓ AI assistants take care of technical aspects so users can focus on songwriting

✓ Unlimited revisions empower exploration of different styles and genres

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