The AI Musicpreneur
Riffusion is an AI music generator that analyzes music visually and generates new audio clips based on text prompts.


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Riffusion is an experimental AI music tool that takes a unique approach to composition. Developed by programmers Seth Forsgren and Hayk Martiros, Riffusion utilizes visual representations of sound called spectrograms. Through spectrograms, Riffusion can analyze different musical styles and qualities. The platform then generates new spectrogram images based on text descriptions. Amazingly, these images can be converted back into audio clips, allowing Riffusion to produce original musical passages.

3 reasons to choose Riffusion:

☑️ Unique visualization method: It analyzes music visually through spectrograms rather than using audio files directly.

☑️ Easy experimentation: You can quickly generate new clips simply by describing the type of music wanted.

☑️ Potential for deeper development: As the creators continue improving the model, it may be able to produce longer, more complex compositions.

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