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RipX DAW uses cutting-edge AI to decompose audio and give you unprecedented editing power over songs, from extracting individual notes to manipulating entire stems.

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Take your mixes further than ever with RipX DAW

Tired of being limited by what’s possible with your mixed songs? RipX DAW uses groundbreaking AI to separate any track into individual vocals, instruments and sounds so you can fully manipulate music in exciting new ways. No other program allows such deep editing of audio down to the note level. Whether you want to remove unwanted bangs and breaths or change entire melodies, RipX puts you in the driver’s seat of your mixes. The intuitive interface makes advanced tasks simple so anyone can take full control of their audio creations.

3 reasons to choose RipX DAW:

✅ It separates songs into editable stems far better than anything else

✅ Advanced audio tools that let you tweak tracks like never before

✅ Easy-to-use yet powerful enough for professionals to push boundaries

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