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How much does the ai stem separator cost? Review the pricing here.

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LALAL.AI: Extract clean audio stems

LALAL.AI is a next-generation vocal remover and music source separation service that allows users to extract stems like vocals, instrumentation, drums, bass, and other elements from audio and video files.

How does LALAL.AI work?

→ Users upload an audio or video file to the LALAL.AI website

→ The AI system analyzes the file and generates stem previews

→ Stems can be listened to and packages selected to access splitting

→ Full stems can be downloaded in various formats after processing

Some key highlights of the LALAL.AI platform include:

✓ Next-generation AI called Orion that is highly trained for superior stem separation quality

✓ Fast processing speeds & high-resolution stem generation
✓ Ability to recreate and enhance stems rather than just extract them
✓ Cross-platform apps and APIs for seamless workflow integration
✓ Separation of up to 10 individual stems per file

How much does LALAL.AI cost?

LALAL.AI offers various affordable pricing packages to suit different needs. The starter package allows splitting of up to 10 minutes for free.

Paid lite packages start from as low as $18 for 90 splitting minutes. Premium packages provide hundreds or thousands of minutes and support batch uploads/downloads. Discounted bundles and enterprise subscriptions are also available.

Output formats include MP3, WAV, FLAC, and others to suit various uses.

How much does the ai stem separator cost? Review the pricing here.


3 reasons to choose LALAL.AI:

✓ Industry-leading AI technology developed over 4 years
✓ Easy-to-use web and mobile apps for on-the-go projects
✓ Affordable pricing plans to suit all budgets

With its combination of powerful AI, intuitive interface, and flexible packages, LALAL.AI provides a best-in-class stem splitting solution for creative professionals and amateurs alike. Whether remixing tracks or removing vocals for covers, this platform streamlines the audio stem extraction process.


Everything you need to know:

Key features:

✓Next-gen AI stem separation

✓ Fast processing speed

✓ Preview and download high-quality stems

✓ Support for audio and video files

✓ Separate vocals, instrumentation, drums, bass & more

✓ Affordable subscription plans


Major benefits:

✓ Extract clean stems without loss of audio quality

✓ Remix tracks with full control over individual elements

✓ Remove vocals for easy karaoke or create instrumental versions

✓ Isolate elements like drums for deeper remixing

✓ Accurately separate complex multi-instrument tracks


Good to know:

✓ Files can be up to 2GB in size

✓ Formats supported include MP3, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4

✓ Processing uses minutes based on file length & stems extracted

✓ Desktop and mobile apps complement the web interface

✓ Enterprise plans available for professional studios

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