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Music AI – Stem separation


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Music AI: Effortlessly isolate vocals & instruments

Music source separation has never been this simple with the power of AI. Music AI’s stem separation service empowers musicians, producers, and creators to easily extract individual instrument and vocal tracks from any song. this cutting-edge technology allows you to fine-tune mixes, create unique remixes, and unlock new creative possibilities.

The platform’s advanced stem separation modules can isolate the core elements of a song – vocals, bass, drums, guitars, and piano – with unparalleled precision. whether you need to enhance lead vocals, sculpt a string section, or build an immersive audio experience, music AI – stem separation puts the control in your hands.


Output Format: mp3, wav

Pricing: Start free, plans start from $25/ month

Who is it for: Music AI’s stem separation is designed for musicians, producers, audio engineers, and content creators of all skill levels. whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this tool empowers you to take full control of your audio projects.

How does Music AI’s stem separation work?

music AI – stem separation utilizes advanced neural networks trained on vast datasets of professional music recordings. by analyzing the unique frequencies and patterns of each instrument and vocal element, the AI can accurately isolate them from the full mix. simply upload your audio file, and the tool will return the individual stem tracks for you to work with.

How much does it cost?

They offer a range of pricing options to suit your needs:

  • Free: get started with 48-hour storage and 2 concurrent processing jobs.
  • Professional: $25/month for 10 concurrent jobs, $25 monthly credit, 5% module discounts, and 100GB storage.
  • Business/enterprise: contact Music AI for dedicated support, custom AI models, and volume-based pricing.

3 reasons to choose Music AI’s stem separation:

✔ Unparalleled precision in isolating vocals, instruments, and other audio elements
✔ Unlock new creative possibilities by manipulating individual stems
✔ Affordable pricing options to suit your needs, from free to enterprise-level


Everything you need to know:

Key features:

✔ Cinematic stem separation

✔ Extended drums, guitars, and vocals stems

✔ Instrumental stem extraction

✔ Musical stem separation

✔ Lead and backing vocal isolation

✔ String instrument separation

Major benefits:

✔Enhance your mixes and masters with precise stem control

✔ Create unique remixes, mashups, and audio experiences

✔ Streamline your workflow and boost productivity

✔ No musical training required – the AI does the heavy lifting

✔ Use the stems in commercial projects without licensing concerns

Good to know:

✔ Temporary storage for free users

✔ Higher-quality and more stem types available in paid plans

✔ Custom AI models and enterprise support available for businesses

✔ The tool is continuously updated with new features and improvements

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