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BandLab Splitter

BandLab Splitter uses AI to extract singing from full songs with one click. Isolate vocals to analyze lyrics, delivery and more - or simply enjoy music in a new way.

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Separate vocals from instrumentals for free with BandLab Splitter

BandLab Splitter is the ultimate tool for musicians looking to take their practice sessions to the next level. This AI-powered audio separation tool allows you to split any song into high-quality stems, giving you complete control over each individual component of the track.

Pricing: Free, no song limits. BandLab Membership offers additional features.
Who is it for: Musicians, music producers. Anyone looking to practice or create music.

Key features:

✓ Looping functionality

✓ AI-powered stem separation

✓ Speed and pitch adjustment

✓ Seamless integration with BandLab Studio

✓ Support for a wide range of audio and video formats

With Splitter, you can isolate vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments with just a few clicks. The intuitive interface makes it easy to adjust the speed and pitch of each stem, loop sections, and create custom mixes tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Splitter is the perfect tool for honing your skills and unlocking your creative potential.

Whether you’re a musician looking to practice your parts, a producer in need of isolated tracks, or just someone who loves to experiment with music, Splitter has something to offer. With its powerful features, seamless workflow, and unbeatable price point, it’s the ultimate tool for anyone looking to take their musical skills to the next level.

How does Splitter by BandLab work?

One of the standout features of Splitter is its AI-powered stem separation technology. The tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze the audio and separate it into distinct tracks with excellent sound quality. This means you can focus on specific instruments or vocals without any distracting background noise or interference.

❶ Import your audio or video file into Splitter.

❷ Splitter uses AI to separate the track into stems (vocals, drums, bass, other instruments, and guitar for BandLab members).

❸ Adjust the volume, panning, speed, and pitch of each stem to create your ideal mix.

❹ Loop sections of the track for focused practice.

❺ Export the stems for use in your preferred DAW or save them to your device.

How much does BandLab Splitter cost?

Splitter is completely free to use, with no limits on the number of songs you can split. BandLab Membership offers additional features, such as faster separation speeds and an extra guitar stem, with plans starting at $1.99 per month.

3 reasons to choose BandLab Splitter:

✓ Free, unlimited song separation into high-quality stems

✓ AI-powered technology for accurate and clean stem isolation

✓ Intuitive interface with speed, pitch, and looping controls


Major benefits:

✓ Improve your musical skills by focusing on specific instruments or vocals

✓ Create custom backing tracks for practice or performance

✓ Unlock new creative possibilities by experimenting with different stem combinations

✓ Save time and effort compared to manual audio separation methods

✓ Access a powerful, user-friendly tool completely free of charge


Good to know:

✓ The maximum length per song is 15 minutes

✓ Larger files may take longer to upload and process

✓ An internet connection is required to use Splitter

✓ BandLab Membership unlocks an additional guitar stem and faster separation speeds

✓ Exported stems are in wav format (web) or m4a format (mobile) for optimal quality and file size

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