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Streamlined mixing and mastering for independent artists - Unchained uses AI technology to analyze uploaded audio tracks and automatically apply professional level mixing, EQ, compression and mastering effects to prepare fully polished songs for distribution. Creators save time and money while taking their sound to a higher quality standard.

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Producing high-quality, professional mixes and masters for your music can often be a costly and time-consuming process. Unchained is revolutionizing this essential element of the creative workflow with their innovative AI mixing and mastering studio. By uploading your tracks and stems, their advanced systems analyze the audio to apply balanced mixing, equalization, compression and effects entirely automatically. What once required expensive studio time is now achievable by any artist right within the Unchained platform. With mixes ready for streaming platform upload, Unchained is empowering creators with the tools to take their sound to the next level.

3 reasons why:

✅ Save time & money: Unchained’s AI mixes in minutes, saving costs and time vs traditional mixing.

✅ Pro results: The AI applies balanced EQ, compression and effects to produce streaming-ready masters like a pro engineer.

✅ Simplified: Creators upload stems, the AI handles the rest. Finished tracks are ready without extra mixing steps.

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