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MasterChannel is an AI audio tool that delivers Grammy-winning sound quality, with results as good as a mastering engineer, but accessible to musicians of all levels.


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Are you a musician struggling to get your songs to sound polished?

MasterChannel is an online application that uses artificial intelligence to help anyone get professional quality audio with just a few clicks.

Through its easy editing tools, MasterChannel allows users to master tracks without any special equipment or years of experience.

Whether you need your music optimized for streaming platforms or want it to sound amazing on any speaker, MasterChannel has you covered.

Best of all, famous producers actually use it!

Give MasterChannel a try to see how simple it is to get your music sounding its very best.

3 reasons to choose MasterChannel:

✅ Powerful mastering AI accessible to all skill levels

✅ Optimizes audio for any listening environment or platform

✅ Trusted by major labels and Grammy-winning producers

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