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Landr Mastering: Unlimited instant AI mastering

Landr has been revolutionizing the mastering industry for over a decade with their acclaimed online mastering service. Their team of audio engineers has mastered tracks for massive artists heard around the world.

The plugin allows users to access Landr’s powerful AI mastering engine right within their favorite digital audio workstation or online. This brings the benefits of professional mastering to any musician’s workflow. With just a few clicks, artists can analyze their mix and choose from mastering presets tailored for different genres.

Intuitive controls then allow tweakings to the track’s tone, levels, frequencies and more. Real-time processing means hearing results immediately without ever leaving your project. Best of all, the plugin’s adaptive AI learns from thousands of previous masters to deliver stunning results each time.

How does Landr Mastering work?

The tool offers musicians two innovative ways to harness the power of AI mastering.

Online Mastering

First, their renowned online mastering engine has produced platinum releases for top artists trusted by major labels.

Through a browser or desktop/mobile apps, artists can upload raw tracks and Landr’s intelligent algorithms analyze and customize a unique mastering chain for each song. Unlimited free previews allow gauging results before committing a very affordable fee per finished master.

Landr Mastering Plugin

Landr also aims to integrate seamlessly into any creative workflow. Their revolutionary Mastering Plugin achieves this by bringing the acclaimed AI engine directly into digital audio workstations. Just as with the online service, artificial intelligence expertly shapes tones, levels and frequencies in real-time based on years of industry data.

Artists simply load the Landr Mastering Plugin like any other effect within their DAW. They can then analyze their mix and choose a mastering style suited to their track. From there, the plugin’s visually adjustable EQ, compression, saturation and more can be used to refine the sound. All changes happen instantaneously so the perfected master is always just a click away.

Whether using the web-based platform or plugin inside their DAW, musicians gain the benefits of professional mastering. Both options reliably lift mixes to a new luminous quality with fast, polished finished masters fit for any context thanks to their world-class sound engineering intelligence.

How much does Landr Mastering cost?

It offers flexible plans to suit all budgets, including a very affordable $11.99/month Independent subscription for unlimited masters. Those who only need occasional mastering can order singles from $9.99 each. For permanent access, Landr Studio is a one-time purchase of $299. Compared to engineers, the monthly fee pays for itself quickly. Landr’s competitive pricing makes their pro-quality AI mastering achievable for all levels of artists and creators.

3 reasons to choose Landr:

☑️ Master tracks with award-winning AI used by top artists
☑️ Refine masters in real-time within your DAW workflow
☑️ Intuitive visual controls make mastering easy for any skill level

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