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Setmixer: Automatically record & sell live music

Have you ever wished you could preserve amazing live music performances? With Setmixer, musicians and venues now have an easy way to automatically record shows in professional studio quality.

Setmixer makes live music recordings accessible to all. They have partnered with various venues that house up-and-coming artists. Using specialized equipment, Setmixer is able to multitrack record entire performances directly from the soundboard. This captures each instrument and vocal in a separate high-quality audio track.

Once recorded, artists can access their mixed full set as well as individual tracks. This allows them to create content for social media, release recordings, or remix tracks as they please. Venues also gain a new way to boost local artists while earning a share of proceeds when fans purchase recordings.

Best of all, their services are completely free for both musicians and partner venues. Their goal is to help independent talent reach new audiences without economic barriers. By offering innovative solutions, Setmixer is ensuring the music lives on after the final encore.

How does Setmixer work?

Setmixer sets up dedicated recording devices at various partner venues. Connected directly to the soundboard, these devices autonomously multitrack entire shows with no additional effort from the venue or artists. Recordings are then processed and made available to performers through an online artist portal.

Over 10,000 hours of live music were recorded by Setmixer in 2023 alone across multiple London locations.

Once a show is recorded, Setmixer wants to utilize AI technology to instantly mix the performance into a professional-quality recording. This ‘perfect mix’ is done automatically without the need for manual editing.

Artists then access the mixed full set as well as individual audio tracks through the platform. This gives performers instantly shareable content that can be used for promotion, releases and connecting with fans.

For artists:

For venues:

How much does Setmixer cost?

Their services are completely free for both musicians and venues. There are no subscription fees or additional equipment costs. They share 30% of all our proceeds from the recordings back to the venues. The recorder is free, so zero extra costs. It’s a no brainer. The London-based startup aims to empower independent musicians without any financial barriers getting in the way of promoting or preserving live works.

By automatically recording thousands of hours of performances and giving easy access to high-quality final mixes, Setmixer is on a mission to help save live music from being lost after each show ends.

3 reasons to choose Setmixer:

✓ Automatically record live performances in high-quality studio sound

✓ Access full sets and individual stems for social media, releases, and remixe

✓ Partner venues boost local artists while earning revenue from popular recordings

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