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RoEx is the AI mixing engineer in your pocket. ✔ Get studio-quality mixes. ✔ Make unlimited mixes for free & only pay to download. ➡ Learn more here

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RoEx: Your AI-powered mixing engineer.

Imagine having a professional mixing engineer at your fingertips, ready to turn your raw tracks into polished, radio-ready songs. That’s the power of RoEx, an AI-driven mixing service designed for musicians, producers, and content creators.


Output format: mp3

Who is it for: Musicians, Producers, Content creators

Pricing: Plans start from $19.99 per track. You can make mixes for free and only pay for what you download.

Whether you’re an indie artist looking to self-release, a content creator in need of quality audio, or a producer seeking to streamline your workflow, RoEx is your go-to solution. With its intuitive interface, extensive genre-specific presets, and ability to learn from your feedback, RoEx is designed to cater to your unique mixing needs.

So why spend hours tweaking endless parameters or breaking the bank on professional mixing services? With RoEx, you can focus on what you do best – creating music – while leaving the technical intricacies of mixing to the power of artificial intelligence. Try RoEx today and experience the future of music production.

How does RoEx work?

RoEx uses advanced audio signal processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze and intelligently mix your audio. You simply upload your tracks, and RoEx determines the optimal way to mix them based on your selected genre and preferences. The AI has been trained on countless professionally mixed tracks to understand the nuances of a great mix.

How much does RoEx cost?

RoEx offers a flexible pricing model. You can make mixes for free and only pay for the tracks you want to download.

Buy Credit: $11.99 per download credit (1 credit = 1 track download)


Subscription plans:

EP Bundle: $9.99 per download credit (5 credits, unlimited mixing & mastering)

LP Bundle: $9.49 per download credit (10 credits, unlimited mixing & mastering)

Pro Subscription: $29.99 per month (unlimited mixing, mastering, and downloads)

All plans offer high-quality output (16 Bit & 44.1 kHz) in MP3, FLAC, or WAV formats.

3 reasons to choose RoEx:

Achieve professional-sounding mixes without expensive equipment or hiring a mixing engineer
Intuitive interface and genre-specific presets make it easy to get great results, even if you’re not a mixing expert
Pay only for the tracks you love, with the ability to make unlimited mixes for free


Everything you need to know:

Key features:

✓ AI-powered mixing engine trained on professional mixes

✓ Genre-specific presets for optimal results

✓ Intuitive interface for easy navigation

✓ Ability to make unlimited mixes for free

✓ Pay only for the tracks you want to download


5 major benefits:

✓ Achieve professional-sounding mixes quickly and easily

✓ Save money on expensive equipment and mixing engineers

✓ Streamline your music production workflow

✓ Focus on creating music rather than technical mixing

✓ Release your music with confidence, knowing it meets industry standards


Good to know:

✓ RoEx outputs mixed tracks in mp3 format

✓ The AI continues to learn and improve based on user feedback

✓ While RoEx can achieve great results, some very complex mixes may still benefit from human intervention

✓ RoEx is an online service, so a stable internet connection is required

✓ Mixed tracks are typically ready for download within minutes, depending on the complexity of the mix

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