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Splash Pro: Music creation made simple

Splash Pro AI is a music creation tool that lets anyone easily make songs without needing musical skills. By writing a few words describing the type of tune wanted, like “happy dance track” or “morning meditation playlist”, it’s advanced AI system synthesizes an original beat from scratch. It does this by having analyzed thousands of human-made compositions to recognize patterns. The AI can craft complete rhythms and melodies tailored to the requested style. With Splash, discovering your next favorite jam is as simple as typing a short prompt.

How does Splash Pro work?

Simply describe the song you want to hear in a short text prompt, such as “upbeat indie pop track.” It’s AI model will then automatically synthesize a new original composition tailored to your description.

How much does it cost?

Splash Pro offers both free and premium subscription plans. A basic free account allows generating unlimited tracks up to 60 seconds. An $8/month pro subscription provides unlimited generation and additional features.

3 reasons to choose Splash Pro:

✓ It’s very easy to use, just type a description

✓ The AI is highly skilled, able to craft full songs from simple inputs

✓ You’ll have access to unique automated tracks without any musical training

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