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Splash Music: Music creation made simple

Splash Music is an innovative AI-powered music creation platform that makes composing original songs accessible to everyone. Developed by Splash, the world’s most advanced music technology company, Splash Music empowers users to craft unique tracks simply by using their voice. Through a collaboration with Amazon, the Splash Music Skill on Alexa-enabled devices guides users through a fun and easy song creation process. The resulting compositions can then be shared with friends and family.

Splash’s cutting-edge generative music technology specializes in popular digital genres like hyperpop, EDM, glitch, phonk, trap, lo-fi, and hip hop. Their proprietary samples and powerful AI models, trained on diverse datasets, enable the generation of production-quality music. Splash’s flagship product, Splash Pro (now retired), previously allowed users to search and combine samples based on text prompts or leverage the generative model directly.

Beyond the music creation tools, Splash offers immersive experiences through their popular Roblox game. Users can perform live for virtual audiences, interact with fans, and participate in a never-ending digital music festival. With the support of prominent investors who share their vision, Splash is poised to empower a new generation of artists in the virtual realm.

Key features:

✓ Voice-controlled song creation via Alexa Skill

✓ AI-powered generative music technology

✓ Specialization in popular digital music genres

✓ Immersive virtual experiences on Roblox

✓ Ability to perform live and interact with fans in-game

How does Splash Music work?

❶ Enable the Splash Music Skill on your Alexa-enabled device

❷ Follow the guided steps to create a song using your voice

❸ Splash’s AI generates a unique track based on your input

❹ Share the finished song with others by sending it to your phone


3 reasons to choose Splash Music:

✓ Create original songs with just your voice, no musical skills needed

✓ Leverage advanced AI music generation technology for professional results

✓ Easily share your unique compositions with friends and family


Major benefits:

✓ Makes music creation accessible to everyone

✓ Generates production-quality tracks

✓ Offers fun and easy guided song creation process

✓ Provides virtual spaces to showcase and share music

✓ Empowers a new generation of digital artists


Good to know:

✓ Splash’s AI models are continuously training and improving

✓ Generated music is based on Splash’s proprietary sample library

✓ Specific output formats for created songs are not specified

✓ Splash’s previous app, Splash Pro, is no longer active


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