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MusicFX by Google

MusicFX is an AI music generator by Google. It has already helped millions of creators generate music and unleash their creativity.

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Transform text into captivating music with MusicFX by Google

In a groundbreaking move, Google has unveiled MusicFX, an innovative AI tool that transforms text descriptions into mesmerizing musical compositions. Designed to empower creativity, this experimental tool is available on web, Android, and iOS platforms through the AI Test Kitchen app. With MusicFX, users can simply type prompts like “soulful jazz for a dinner party” or “create hypnotic industrial techno” and witness the tool generate multiple versions of the song.

3 reasons to choose Google MusicFX:

☑️ Artistic expression: Unleash your musical vision by specifying instruments and desired vibes, moods, or emotions.

☑️ Copyright compliance: MusicLM creates unique compositions without incorporating copyrighted material.

☑️ User-friendly Interface: Accessible on multiple devices, MusicFX’s intuitive design enables musicians of all levels to explore and experiment.

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