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Soundraw is an AI music generator that lets anyone easily create professional-quality, original songs without musical training by selecting custom options for the AI to automatically compose melodies, instruments, and full backing tracks tailored to their preferences for video, multimedia, and more.

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Soundraw is an AI-powered music maker that lets anyone easily create original songs without any musical training. Using its simple online interface, you select options like genre, instruments, and settings to generate a unique backing track. The AI acts like a virtual band, dynamically composing melodies, harmonies, and rhythms tailored to your preferences. Whether you need a tune for a school project, social media video, or just for fun, Soundraw allows creatives of all stripes to craft custom songs in minutes without the steep learning curve of music production software. It’s the simplest way to generate high-quality music at the tap of a button.

3 reasons to choose Soundraw:

✅ Easy to use: Just select options to have the AI craft unique songs for you automatically.

✅ Quick results: Generate completely original music in minutes without any musical skills.

✅ Unlimited creative potential: Craft custom songs for your multimedia projects, social videos, presentations and more.

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