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Generate customized music for any project with Mubert

Mubert is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate original background music. By choosing settings like genre, mood, and duration, Mubert’s AI system composes a customized soundtrack perfectly matched to your needs. Whether you’re creating videos, podcasts, apps or just want music to relax to, Mubert has you covered. Through its various products like Mubert Render and Mubert Play, it offers an evolving library of royalty-free tunes. Artists also contribute content to Mubert to help train the AI. The result is high-quality, personalized music made through a clever collaboration between humans and technology.

3 reasons to choose Mubert:

☑️ Customized tracks: AI generates original scores tailored to your projects.

☑️ Huge library: Access thousands of royalty-free songs for any use.

☑️ Collaboration: Musicians help the AI while also earning from contributions.

Generate original background music: Click here.


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