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Korus pairs AI-generated music with reactive 3D avatars called Kors. It lets you make unique tracks by selecting instrument stems for the AI to fuse together while your Kor dances to the drops!

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Developed by Pixelynx co-founders Richie Hawtin and deadmau5, Korus is an innovative music creation tool blending AI composition with interactive 3D characters. Within its interface, select instrument stems like bass, chords, drums or melody. The Korus AI then crafts an original piece while your assigned character, known as a Kor, dances along. Train and enhance your Kors using collectible “Artist DNA” NFTs derived from Pixelynx’s partners. You can create, save, and even mint your music, all with a Kor grooving to the beat. With both free and premium options, Korus ensures its revolutionary experience remains accessible to all types of musicians.

3 reasons why:

✅ Collaborative creativity: Blend music and visuals creatively with AI companions that dance to your tunes.

✅ Unleash NFT power: Share, sell and profit from your music via integrated ‘Artist DNA’ NFTs on Pixelynx’s marketplace

✅ Inclusive vision: Korus’ free experience ensures all can partake in AI music, while premium perks unlock further potential.

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