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Beatoven AI

Beatoven AI automatically generates original soundtracks customized for your videos, podcasts and more. Simply select genre and mood - our AI handles the rest.

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Custom music for your videos & podcast with Beatoven AI

Beatoven AI is a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to create customized background music for your videos, podcasts, and other content. By answering a few simple questions about your project’s genre and mood, Beatoven’s AI system composes an original score tailored specifically for your needs. You get complete flexibility to choose from different styles and tweak the music as you want. Once you hit “compose,” the software takes care of the hard work so you can focus on your creative work. Beatoven AI provides a straightforward solution for adding professional-sounding music without spending hours searching for the perfect track.

3 reasons to choose Beatoven AI:

✓ Tailored tracks: Original scores customized for your unique content and vision.

✓ Flexibility: Mix and match genres and moods to fit variances within your project.

✓ Saves time: No need to comb through libraries or deal with licensing issues.

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