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Lifescore Music

Lifescore applies cutting-edge AI to professionally recorded material, producing endless, mood-based streams that adapt to your daily life in real-time.

Lifescore Music

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Lifescore Music is an innovative music platform that uses AI to revolutionize how we experience songs. By applying cutting-edge AI to professionally performed tracks, Lifescore generates unique, endless streams tailored around your mood and activity. Top artists partner to see their inspiring works personalized for each listener through this pioneering technology. Now you can enjoy your favorite songs everywhere life takes you through Lifescore’s one-of-a-kind musical experiences.

How does Lifescore Music work?

Starting with high-quality source material, Lifescore Music employs patented algorithms to produce varied musical adaptations. Select a mood and environment to get a personalized playlist responding to your situation in real-time. The AI preserves each artist’s signature sound while modulation keeps playlists fresh.

How much does Lifescore Music cost?

Lifescore offers free trial access with a simple sign up. For ongoing all-access streaming, premium individual plans start at $7.99/month or $79.99 annually. Multiple subscription options exist for business use cases.

3 reasons to choose Lifescore Music

☑️ Produces unique music experiences from hit tracks

☑️ Playlists dynamically adjust to match your daily routine

☑️ Artists partner to reach more fans through this new format

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