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Endel creates customized soundtracks that seamlessly adapt in real-time, clinically shown to improve focus, relaxation and sleep.

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Endel: Boost focus, calm anxiety + sleep better

Endel is a unique audio platform that uses the power of AI and neuroscience to create customized soundscapes. By constantly adapting to your environment and biometrics like location, time of day, and heart rate, it delivers dynamic audio experiences clinically shown to boost focus, relax the mind, and aid restful sleep. Whether it’s studying for an exam, unwinding at the end of a long day, or catching some zzz’s, it’s revolutionary AI technology delivers the right sounds at the perfect time for optimal well-being.

How does Endel work?

It functions through mobile apps or directly from its website. Simply select your activity—Focus, Relax, or Sleep—then it’s algorithms get to work crafting real-time soundtracks tailored specifically for you based on inputs like weather, time, biometrics, and location. The result is highly personalized binaural audio shown to improve various wellness metrics.

How much does it cost?

Endel offers both free and paid subscriptions. A basic free account provides limited access, while Premium subs are $9.99/month or $99 annually for unlimited, uninterrupted listening across all platforms. Students receive discounted annual plans.

3 reasons to choose Endel:

✓ Personalized soundscapes clinically proven to boost wellness

✓ Real-time audio tracks adapted for your unique context and vitals

✓ Subscription options for every lifestyle and budget

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