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Aimi FM is a music platform that uses artificial intelligence to create non-repeating, ever-changing songs you can interact with in real-time, putting you in control of unique listening experiences.

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Aimi FM: AI-powered continuous & interactive music

Aimi FM is an AI-powered music platform that offers wholly new forms of interactive listening experiences. Through advanced machine learning, Aimi FM creates continuous audio journeys that effortlessly flow without repeats, always evolving in response to user inputs in real-time.

How does Aimi FM work?

Listeners can dive into generative “forever seas” of music crafted from various source songs and remixed each experience into a limitless exploration.With a few taps or swipes, the AI-driven composition dynamically adjusts around you for a truly customized ride.

How much does it cost?

Aimi FM‘s mobile music player is available for free on iOS andAndroid devices, with premium subscriptions unlocking additional features.

3 reasons to choose Aimi FM:

✓ Unlimited discovery: Each generative session takes spontaneous twists and turns for endlessly satisfying replays.

✓ Direct involvement: Users actively shape the sound through seamless interfacing unlike passive playback.

✓ Creative outlook: Behind-the-scenes, Aimi FM sparks innovation across the industry from indie labels to top producers.

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