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Voice-Swap was designed by DJ Fresh and Nico Pellerin to help producers, artists and writers who don't want to use their voice on songs use AI to transform their voice to sound like one of our featured artists.

Voice swap

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Voice Swap is a creative tool that transforms how songs are made. By simply uploading your vocals, it can digitally shape your sound to match top artists - no studio needed. Complex AI analyzes pro voices to teach machines their unique styles.

How does Voice swap work?

You provide an audio file and Voice Swap's neural networks tweak subtle qualities like pitch and tone and return a sample in your selected artist's voice. It's like gaining a vocal collaborator without leaving home!

How much does Voice swap cost?

Plans start from just $7/month for 10 minute credits. Pro packages unlock 30 or unlimited minutes along with faster processing. One-time purchases are also available.

3 reasons to choose Voice Swap:

☑️ Experiment freely with new vocal styles

☑️ Get professional-level demos to pitch ideas

☑️ Explore fresh takes on your tracks from legendary voices.

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