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Kits AI gives producers powerfully realistic singing voices generated with AI, saving time and unlocking new possibilities without the need for studio sessions or vocalists.

Kits AI

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Tired of always struggling to find vocalists for your music? Kits AI is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality singing voices right in your browser. Through its easy-to-use audio editing features, Kits AI allows creators to access thousands of AI-generated vocal styles and literally sing their songs without ever needing a real singer. Whether you need backup harmonies, a vocal for a demo, or want to remix a track, Kits AI provides flexible options to help your music come alive. Best of all, artists even use it - so don't hesitate to unleash your potential!

3 reasons to choose Kits AI:

✅ Generate polished vocals without live recordings

✅ Remix tracks instantly by converting stems to new instruments

✅ Royalty-free vocal library and ability to create custom voices


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