The AI Musicpreneur


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Platform format: web app

Output format: mp4

Pricing: Free (30 credits / 9s), Plans start from $8 (700 credits)

Who is it for: musicians, music producers, non-musicians

Tired of limits holding your imagination back? Pika is a groundbreaking new AI music video generator that turns your ideas into interactive stories faster than ever before. No more tedious production - just describe what's in your head and watch it come to life on screen. With Pika, creating has never been so quick and easy. Finally, your creativity can flow without friction.

How does Pika work?

With Pika, all you have to do is describe scenes in plain words - and its trained AI models will instantly bring them to life on screen. You can then easily edit clips together, add songs, or export stand-alone videos. Curious how it works? Here's a simple tutorial on getting started with Pika to start turning your imagination into interactive experiences in no time.

How much does Pika cost?

Pika is offering an early Beta access for free to help improve its technology. You'll get to try making 10 three-second clips without any cost. Basic export tools are also included. Paid plans start at $8/ month.

3 reasons to choose Pika:

☑️ Your imagination is the only boundary - describe any scene and Pika brings it to the screen.

☑️ Refining and editing your work was never so simple and seamless. Pika streamlines the creative process like never before.

☑️ Pika is helping share stories visually through a new wave of democratic creation.

Now anyone can craft professional-quality videos and bring their stories to life.


Everything you need to know:

Key features:

→ Instant AI animation of written scenes

→ Intuitive storyboarding and visual clip organization

→ Basic audio/video mixing and export in beta

→ Constantly expanding feature set as the technology progresses

→ Entirely web-based for total access anywhere


Major benefits:

→ Unleashes creativity limited only by imagination

→ Iterative workflow perfects visions at unprecedented speed

→ Reduces barriers to visual storytelling through effortless access

→ Liberates creators from technical hurdles and production grind

→ Continuous innovation will push capabilities further


Good to know:

→ Some beta limitations could impact output for some uses

→ Quality relies on clean, well-described text prompts

→ Current lower resolution than some other options

→ Offline editing requires export as it's browser-only

→ Fewer customization options than dedicated video editors

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