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Neural Frames

Neural Frames is an AI music video generator. Simply enter a text prompt to create an image, animate it and upload a song.

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Neural Frames: Create AI music videos

Have you ever wanted to bring your musical creativity to life through visually stunning videos but lacked the budget or skills? Neural Frames is an AI video generator that makes professional-quality music videos accessible to all.

Powered by cutting-edge neural networks like Stable Diffusion, Neural Frames allows you to create videos straight from text. Simply describe your vision through written prompts and watch as the AI animates your words into moving images. It’s like having your own personal film crew at your fingertips!

How does Neural Frames work?

Neural Frames uses powerful generative AI models like Stable Diffusion that have analyzed billions of images. You describe your desired video through written prompts, and the AI animates your words into a moving image sequence frame-by-frame. It’s able to analyze text and craft unique videos based on your description alone.

Step 1 – Create a new project:

Go to the Neural frames homepage. Click on “Start Now” in the Header.

Then select if you’d like to generate a new image or use an existing one.

Click on “Create New”

Step 2 – Text-to-video:

Write a descriptive prompt detailing the desired visual style, mood, scene, etc. Neural Frames’ generative AI will analyze the prompt and produce a visual interpretation of the text.

Step 3 – Upload your song:

Upload an audio file of your song. The AI can analyze its beat, melody, and timbre.

Within minutes, artists have a professional-quality music video perfectly paired with their song. Neural Frames handles the technical execution so creatives can focus on the magic of combining audio and visuals.

OR Alternatively, upload an existing image or video for inspiration.

How much does Neural Frames cost?

Neural Frames is an AI music video generator. Pricing starts from $19 a month.

The tool offers flexible subscription plans starting at just $19 per month.

You even get the option to test things out with a free 10-second trial. Subscriptions unlock standard AI models, custom models you can train, 4K resolutions and more.

3 reasons to choose Neural Frames:

☑️ Create AI music videos in minutes without any technical skills or design experience needed

☑️ Harness the power of AI through customizable neural networks and text prompts

☑️ Bring your musical creativity to life visually without the high costs of traditional music video production

Neural Frames is the easiest and most affordable way to turn your songs into engaging videos. Stop waiting and start generating stunning music videos today at


Everything you need to know:

Neural Frames opens creative doors by combining cutting-edge AI with stunning 4K rendering. Read on to discover how this innovative tool can take your music to the next level.

Key features

☑️ Fine-tune videos with precision camera controls and customization options

☑️ Automatically isolate audio stems for true synchronization between sound and vision

☑️ Incorporate your own imagery/footage to shape the visual story

☑️ Multiple AI models offer diverse artistic voices to suit your unique style

☑️ Buttery-smooth 25fps output at superb 4K resolution


Major benefits

☑️ Bring songs to life without budget or timeline constraints of traditional shoots

☑️ Develop a consistent visual identity that strengthens your brand over time

☑️ Engage new audiences across platforms by complementing audio with visual storytelling

☑️ Unlock unlimited potential through democratic access beyond fiscal limitations

☑️ Leverage AI automation so your creative energy can focus on the music


Good to know before you use it:

☑️ Crafting nuanced prompts requires an initial learning curve for mastery

☑️ Custom fine-tuning options are more limited than hands-on video editing

☑️ While AI aids the creative process, continued inspiration aids quality over sole dependence

☑️ Highly complex source material could challenge perfect synchronization at times


By understanding its powers and nuances, Neural Frames becomes a launchpad for visualizing virtually any musical vision.

Are you ready to take flight? Click here.

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