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Singify is an AI cover song generator that let's you create songs with voice models of celebrities including Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift.

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Singify: Create a free AI cover song

Music fans looking to experiment with new technologies now have an easy way to dabble in AI through Singify. This online platform gives anyone the ability to freely generate high-quality AI vocal covers.

How does Singify work?

The site provides over 100 pre-trained vocal models covering genres and personalities. Users can input a song and have their selected AI model instantly reproduce the vocals. It’s a fun and stress-free way for amateurs to virtually sing alongside celebrity artists or experiment mixing different AI voices together. No downloads or installations are required – users can stream and save their AI-generated creations directly within the browser from any device.

How much does it cost?

Despite powerful capabilities, the entire platform is free to use. Both casual listeners and serious artists can freely generate covers, restricted only by a daily limit. While premium subscriptions are available that unlock extra customization, even without paying users gain hands-on experience crafting AI-based tracks from home.

3 reasons to choose Singify:

✓ Explore over 100 ready-made vocal AI models spanning genres, languages and personalities for diverse creative mixes.

✓ Instantly generate professional-quality covers with just a song upload and AI model selection.

✓ Experience advanced AI vocal synthesis free of cost, without downloads or technical know-how.

It’s the perfect starting point for music lovers of any skill level to join in on the future of AI-enhanced creativity.

Ready to experiment with vocal AI? Visit Singify and start crafting covers today.

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