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LoopLM by Aux


LoopLM: Say goodbye to generic loops.

Aux is innovative AI-powered tool that generates unique, royalty-free samples and loops for musicians and producers.

LoopLM is set to revolutionize the way artists create and incorporate samples and loops into their compositions.


Output Format: mp3, wav

Pricing: Free (lLmited features), Paid plans start from $4.99/month

Who is it for: musicians, music producers, anyone looking to create original music

How does LoopLM work?

LoopLM is an advanced generative AI model that has been carefully trained to produce high-quality, unique samples and loops. by simply entering a text prompt, users can access a vast library of fresh, inspiring sounds that can be seamlessly integrated into their music production process.

How much does LoopLM cost?

LoopLM offers a free version with limited features, as well as paid plans starting from $9 per month. the paid plans unlock the full suite of ai-powered sample and loop generation capabilities, giving users the tools they need to create truly unique and captivating music.

3 reasons to choose LoopLM:

✓ Generate samples and loops that are completely unique and never heard before

✓ Seamlessly integrate ai-generated audio into your workflow with the aux hub app

✓ Access a diverse library of royalty-free samples and loops licensed from over 100,000 creators


Key Features:

✓ Royalty-free usage

✓ Wide range of genres and styles

✓ Seamless integration with aAx hub app

✓ AI-powered sample and loop generation

✓ Preview and download directly within the app


Major benefits:

✓ Unlock endless creativity with unique, ai-generated samples
✓ Save time and money by eliminating the need for expensive sample packs
✓ Collaborate more effectively with the intuitive aux hub workflow


Good to know:

✓ Free version with limited features available

✓ Paid plans start at $4.99/month

✓ aux hub integration ensures a smooth production process

✓ ai-generated samples are 100% royalty-free

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