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Find the perfect songs for your project, thanks to Harmix's AI music search.

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Harmix: Find the perfect song for your project

Have you ever felt lost searching through hours of audio to find the right song for your project? Harmix is an emerging tool that uses artificial intelligence to make music discovery easier and more intuitive than ever before.

Founded by researchers from top schools, Harmix developed models that analyze songs directly instead of just lyrics or tags. This lets their systems understand music at a deeper level. Early users reported a 30% boost in finding successful matches from their catalogs!

Harmix offers several straightforward search types:

  • “Prompt search”: Lets you describe what you need in simple words.
  • “Similarity search”: Uses reference tracks to recommend songs with similar sounds.
  • “Video Search”: Upload a video and Harmix will analyze its moods and pair tracks that fit the vibe.

So whether you’re a small creator or big business, Harmix streamlines scouring sounds. Give it a whirl – you might just hit the right note.

How does Harmix work?

Harmix uses artificial intelligence models trained on audio data to understand music at a deeper level than just lyrics or tags. This allows for intuitive search options like describing needs in everyday language or uploading reference tracks and videos.

How much does it cost?

Pricing scales based on usage and catalog size, starting affordable for individuals and small businesses. Options include pay-per-search or annual subscriptions. New users can test Harmix for 30 days free of charge.

3 reasons to choose Harmix:

✓ Intuitive search tools for any need like describing songs in your own words

✓ AI trained directly on audio grasps music nuances better than metadata alone

✓ Affordable pricing ensures everyone can uncover opportunities in their catalogs

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