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Voicify gives anyone the power to create AI cover songs and remixes using advanced AI.


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Music fans of all skill levels can now experiment with artificial intelligence thanks to the launch of Voicify. This AI cover song generator gives anyone the power to generate high-quality vocal covers (famous artist voices include Ariana Grande, Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift and co.) and remixes using advanced AI techniques.

How does Voicify work?

The site offers over 3000 pre-trained vocal models that can be used to synthesize singing or speech. Users can sing or rap over instrumentals, having their vocals replicated instantly by the AI model of their choice. For casual experimentation, basic functions are free. But Voicify also offers paid plans starting at $7.99/month that unlock unlimited processing and additional customization options.

How much does Voicify cost?

While the site allows limited free use, advanced features and processing speed improvements come with affordable premium subscriptions. Hobbyists can experiment risk-free, while serious artists gain full creative control over polished, professional-quality covers. Upgrades start at less than $8 per month, comparable to other popular music software.

3 reasons to choose Voicify:

☑️ Explore over 3000 ready-made vocal AI models spanning genres, languages and personalities. Browse high-fidelity recreations of hit singers that can churn out covers on demand.

☑️ Layer dynamically generated vocals over your instrumentals with just a few clicks. Voicify handles the technical lifting so anyone can put together polished pop productions from home.

☑️ Premium memberships unlock an unlimited number of AI-powered covers and remixes per month. Unleash your musical visions without restrictions.

Ready to experiment with AI-generated music? Visit Voicify today at

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